Modern Day Robin Hood

Propmt: In modern day America, you lead a group of criminals who steal from the 1% by any means necessary, to give to the people who need money the most. You are the hood, and this is the story of The Merry Men.

Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Jeff Bezos, Larry Page, Warren Buffett, countless people who's names you don't know, people who run oil companies and banks, who create everything from cars to cereal boxes, who control the industry, are in my power. All fallen to our attacks.

Millions, many millions of dollars redistributed to the poorest people in the bad neighborhoods, in the most distant cities, in poor countries. Every poor person got a part of their wealth. Not a big part, it turns out. One dollar and twenty seven cents to be precise.

I look back on my actions and try to imagine how could I not see this.Money.

Money is paper, money is just artificial made up tokens we use to represent value. You can't eat money. You can't use it as shelter. At best you can burn it to heat yourself for a minute. Money does nothing, except representing the value, the human right to his property and to things he creates, things he is free to trade with other humans.

I have redistributed the tokens, now the pieces of paper belong to different people. But the total amount of value in the world stayed the same. The amount of food, shelter, of clean water, cellphones and computers, the amount of things we need to survive and live stayed the same. And the amount of happiness and misery hasn't changed in any significant way. At first.

Then the world felt the blow. Google, Amazon, largest internet companies, as well as largest companies producing cars, and food, and building things, and getting oil out of the ground to heat people - all of them started to fall. With no protection, with no right to have money that represent things they create, all the richest people in the world started converting what they have left into tangible things, into property. No longer in control of their companies, in danger of more attacks, they had to spend the rest of their money buying as much things as possible, and fleeing to private homes or islands, to the places where they and their families will be safe.

Middle-level managers took over, barely competent enough to make the simplest decisions, let alone to get the companies out of the biggest finanfial crisis in the history of the world. Needless to say - they have done poorly. It was surprising how quickly the big and complicated systems could be ruined by the lack of competent people who could control them.

Factories were brought to a halt. Millions of people lost their jobs because it was impossible to pay to them. Nothing was created, no value was produced anymore. Dollar dropped and became worthless. Even the richest countries started to experience food and energy shortages, economy has collapsed. Millions of people have died.

I stare at the screen. Trillions of dollars, 50% of the money in the world in my control, at my fingertips. Now worthless.

I lead the team of brilliant criminals, and became the most powerful man in the world.

I guess I should have spent some time thinking, before choosing my mission based on a children's book premise.

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