New Job

[WP] A secret agent has applied for a new job in order to assassinate a target. However, the agent enjoys their new job and wants to stay.

"Dammit, Johnson! Do your job!"

"Screw you, general! I'm done with this stressful job! I'm living the dream, I sell candy and ice cream! Not only do I put smile on people's faces, but I get to eat all the candy I want!"

"You have to assassinate Bill Smith, it is critical to our mission!"

"Bill is a great guy! We play xbox together! Why do you even want him dead?"

"He knows too much, he saw our agents dispose of the alien body in the river near the place you work."

"He was high that night, he thinks it was a hallucination."

"We can't take this risk. If you won't comply with my orders you also become the target."

"We both know that I'm the best agent you ever had. If any of you jerks mess with me or Bill, the next day all the newspapers will talks about what you did to Loch Ness Monster in 1992."

"But this will be an international scandal."

"Well, guess what, I also know that because of our project Delta, in 15 years all the cats in the world will turn pink. And if I won't type a certain password every day, emails with all that info will be sent to every major publication. So screw you, and screw your aliens!"

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