[WP] You are a scavenger who has lived your entire life in a post apocalyptic wasteland. One day, you stumble onto a bunker and open it. Inside is a friendly looking old woman, who adjusts her reading glasses, brushes the dust off her apron, and says "Oh? Is it safe to go out on the surface now?"

I have been traveling these deserts alone for many decades. During all this time I didn't meet a soul. That was why I was shocked to find a 80-year-old lady sitting in a bunker.

She looked at me. I froze in place, I was expecting to find some weapons here, maybe food, but not another human being.

"Oh? Is it safe to go out on the surface now?" she asked, calmly.

"No, it is not. There are monsters and radiation everywhere."

As my shock subsided, minute by minute, I was starting to feel something else.

"Well, that shouldn't be problem with a nice strong man such as you to protect me, right?" she wiggled her eyebrows.

Oh, fuck it I thought to myself, and closed the door behind me. The lady moaned invitingly, I've unzipped my pants, and this story quickly became inappropriate.

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