Science Project

[WP]Aliens come to ask us what we did to the dinosaurs.

"Oh, man, aren't they supposed to be like big and green?"

"Yes, that's what I have expected. Why is it filled with pink monkeys instead?"

"Ehm.. Maybe that asteroid had something to do with that?"

"I told you dammit, no asteroids! This was supposed to be my science project for school, why did you have to screw it up?"

"Science project? Oh, cmon, big lizards? It's stupid. When I was your age, my science project was a planet with giant robots, fighting against each other across multiple dimensions."

"Maybe, but now I don't even have lizards! What am I supposed to do with these tiny things? Look at them, they aren't big or strong, and not even smart! They barely made it to space! Oh, ma-an, teacher is gonna be so pissed...."

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