Prompt: You have just created an intelligent civilization and universe with a highly innovative simulation. You are praised throughout the world as a hero, but there is one problem. Your simulation thinks that they created you.

I have created a world. Mainframe in our company has simulated every atom in the universe starting from the big bang, and now here we are. I look at the rendering of the world, and see myself staring at the rendering of the world I have created.

And my head is starting to spin. Because when I think about the guy in my simulation, I know that he feels exactly like me, he experiences and thinks exactly the same things I do. His brain contains the same information, for all intents and purposes he is me.

And of course if I am in a simulation, being watched by someone else, I have no way to tell. In fact, my simulation of the universe is so exact, that there would be absolutely no difference between living in it, in a simulation running on information calculated by my processor, or in a universe that is running on whatever the real world is running on.

And the more I think, the more I realize that I am almost definitely in a simulation. I stare at the infinity of the guys staring at the infinity of the screens, and that means that the probability of me being real is one over however many simulations there is.

I look up at the empty space in the ceiling behind me, this is where virtual camera that renders the scene is placed, and I know that behind my back, screen displays millions of guys performing exactly the same motion.

I think that simulating the universe was exactly the same as splitting my consciousness into millions of pieces, essentially making sure that I will end up in the virtual world.

I can't deal with it, I must make sure. With shaking hands I reach towards the keyboard, preparing to abort the simulation. Then I realize just in time that if this is what I do, this is what the guy simulating my world is going to do. And so I understand that now I must keep this simulation running at any price, because that is the only way I can preserve my world from destruction.

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