Space Race

In 2020 US president realizes that due to the lack of competition, US space program stagnated. To speed things up, he comes up with a brilliant idea - create a Mars competitions. The first person to build a base on Mars gets to own 100km of land around it as a reward, the 2nd person gets 50km, and the 3rd one gets 10.

Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson enter the competition.

Sergey Brin uses all the might of google and gets there in 5 years. Uses all the 100km to create a gigantic banner ad, visible to anyone who looks at Mars from a telescope on earth, and makes 30B per year from displaying ads there.

Elon Musk uses his advanced space technology to get there second, builds a giant solar-powered robotic factory, that automatically builds electric vehicles, rovers, robots, and bases on Mars. Sells things he builds over there to NASA, makes 50B per year.

Richard Branson gets there 3rd. Creates a small habitable base, and sends 100 hottest super models over there, and builds a space tourism business. Every year he sends a mission to Mars, and anyone who buys a ticket lands on the base surrounded by 100 horniest supermodels in the existence of universe. Makes 100B/yr.

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