Spirit animal

[WP] Humans are technically animals. It turns out your spirit animal is some guy named Frank.

A giant tent was filled with smoke and smell of burning spices. A circle of shamans was sitting in front of the fire, preparing for a biggest event of the decade - a Shaman Tournament. They came from tribes from all over the country, many of them traveled for months to get here.

Davis was here for the first time. He looked around, impressed. The best people in his field gathered here to trade secrets they have discovered.

He watched shamans summoning the spirits of fire and water, he watched animals made of clouds smoke, fire and lightnings battle each other, one of the shamans even managed to summon rain! That was amazing, and Davis was sure he can impress the old masters as well.

When it was his turn he lead everybody to his carriage where he held all of his devices. He showed them the Tesla coil, and a steam engine, and even a laser he managed to put together.

"How the hell did you do that?"

"All of our spirit animals are from the different worlds, giving us the best of their powers. I got lucky. My spirit animal is called Frank, he is a human living on a planet called Earth, and he is a student at MIT studying engineering. He showed me the truths about the world none of us could imagine even in our wildest dreams. People in his world can fly, they have been on other planets, they can immediately communicate over long distances, they do magic I have never heard of before. And today I will teach you how to bring it into our world."

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