The Game

[WP] You live in a small hut in mountains with insane internet speed and huge gaming rig but one day your PC breaks down and the closest repair station is 25 kilometres away and now you're forced to face the beauty of nature.

I looked around. Resolution was pretty low compared to my VR headset. Textures were bleak, and lighting was mediocre at best.

I came closer to a tree covered in snow, sparkling under the sun. I touched it. I licked it. I smelled it. Yeah, I must admit that engaging senses other than vision was a pretty interesting approach. But it didn't make up for the lack of content and quests.

Engagement was pretty horrible. The assets of trees were repeating for miles, with only minor variations.

I haven't encountered any enemies, or magicians, or even a quest giver. Life seemed like a pretty pointless game without having much to do. Objectives weren't clear, and goals were slow and boring to execute.

As I walked down the empty road, I saw some movement ahead of me. A bear? Finally, a mob!! I ran towards it, swinging my arms. He looked at me confused and a little scared, and then ran away. You've got to be kidding me!!

I chased it, slipped, and fell on the ground. Wait what? I didn't see a healthbar anywhere in sight, but I definitely took some damage. Then I realized that I had no healing potion. A bear stopped, and looked around at me curiously.

Oh, shit. I've got no weapons and I don't know how much hit points I have left. And no mana? Oh, man, this game sucks. AFK. AFK, I said!!

A bear was running towards me. Shit. F5-F5-F5!! There's no keyboard, it's not working!! How do I pause? Who designed this crappy UI?

Bear was close. Oh, well, whatever. I wonder where I will respawn.

As he attacked me, screen pretty quickly faded to black. "Game over" was my last thought.

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