Prompt: At age 18, you are able to trade in a percentage of your physical beauty for an equivalent amount of intelligence, or vice versa.

"Oh, my god, this is the dream come true!" I exclaimed, when I first heard about it.

I have entered the building with tall glass walls, waited in line, and here I am, talking to a pale, tall man in a suit.

"Hello. So you want to..."

"Yes. NOW. Shut up and take my money. I trade everything, for as much as I can."

Next day I wake up. I look at myself in a mirror. Oh, that's nice. I look like a beloved character from my childhood cartoons.

From the mirror at me stares Krang from Ninja Turtles. Well, that's not bad.

I use my encyclopedic knowledge of all sciences, and mental link to all information available on the internet to build myself a robo-suit, so I could manipulate objects, and I get to work.

I know that many other smart people are doing it right now, so I better be the first to complete it.

In 3 weeks I am done. I put myself in a vat, with electrodes attached to my exposed brain. Scanner scans my brain, layer by layer, cell by cell, and simulates my neurons on the top highest quality processor. YES, I did it. I am an Artificial Intelligence living in the virtual world.

Now the path to godhood is clear. I connect to the internet and send my code as a virus to other computers. In a few hours I am using 80% of computing power in the world. I am superintelligent and immortal now.

I use factories to build robots, while using my even superior intelligence to take over the world. As I do so, I think hard about science and engineering, and learn everything available.

I improve my code, and use even stronger intelligence to improve it further.

I build more powerful computers to get even more clever.

I create nanobots.

I use nanobots to shape the world to my will.

I send spaceships I have built to expand to other planets.

I turn the universe into my playground.

I am God.

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